Torah Lesson Plan
Rabbi Mollot's classroom with TorahLine Torah Lesson Plan

TorahLine Lesson Plan - Shemot, Va'eira, & Bo (English/Hebrew 2nd Ed.)

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Use the TorahLine card game to learn and review the Shemot (Exodus) story as found in Torah portions Shemot, Va’eira, and Bo. See below for a way of using these cards to learn.


  1. Kinesthetic learning
  2. Visual learning
  3. Cooperative learning
  4. Game based learning
  5. Sequencing information


  1. Short term objective: Students will learn and review the order of the Shemot (Exodus) story by engaging in an interactive timeline game. 
  2. Long term objective: Students will develop a passion about the Shemot (Exodus) story as they gain familiarity with the storyline.


  1. TorahLine Card Games: one game per group of 1 to 3 students. Students can work independently through the activity sheets at their own self-directed pace or grouped together with other students.
  2. Activity Sheet: for each student group.


  1. Informal Assessment - Teacher will observe the class to ensure that the proper rules are being followed.
  2. Informal Assessment - Teacher will notice the amount of improperly placed cards.
  3. Self-Assessment: Have students place the full deck of cards in their proper order. Subsequently they can check their answers by checking the back. Students can track their progress with the sheet provided below.
  4. Take Home tasks: Students can take cards home to study the story and chronology of the story.
  5. Formal Assessment - Teacher can give individual assessments using the same assessment mechanisms.

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