Mission Statement

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The mission of 613 Games is to teach the Torah, ethics, and history through games. In Torah portion Vayeilech (Devarim/Deuteronomy 31:12) we read, “Gather together the people – the men, the women, and the small children, and your stranger who is in your cities – so that they will hear, and so that they will learn…” Although on a smaller scale, we hope our games will bring people together to learn awe and wonder of G-d and His creations.

Who We Are

Based in Dallas, Texas, 613 Games is a gaming coAkiva Laura Picturempany that designs card games that captivate children and families to foster fun learning through interactive game play. The games are designed to make learning fun and effortless. The games have been used to educate children at home and in the classroom, at camps, and after school programs. 613 Games was started by Chesley “Akiva” and Laura Coughlin in 2015.

Akiva is an Amazon veteran with more than 20 years of experience leading multiple teams of engineers to build consumer, business, and technical products and services. Akiva grew up playing games with his family and friends. He’s authored several games and one children’s book. Now a father of four and an active member of his community, he asked: “How do I get kids to be more excited about the Torah?”  The Answer: Make a game. And, 613 Games was conceived.

Laura Coughlin is a trained nurse with more than 10 years of customer service and retail management experience. She’s also had custom painting and real estate renovation businesses. Now she’s applying her keen, design eye to 613 Games. She ran the TorahLine community-wide art competition, created numerous illustrations for the first game, and managed the art direction and design for the TorahLine card game. Together Akiva and Laura have embarked on developing a company that makes learning fun.

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