613 Games Reseller Policy

Last updated 13 December 2020

613 Games is building a brand of strong recognition and a high perceived value.  Distributors and resellers also benefit from 613 Games’ efforts to build its brand.  The reputation of 613 Games can and will be damaged if the 613 Games brand is perceived by consumers as a discounted brand.  By not adhering to the established Reseller Policy, a reseller can have a dramatic effect of diminishing or detracting from the perceived value of the 613 Games brand and its products.

Therefore, 613 Games has determined that it is in its best interest to deal only with Resellers who choose to sell 613 Games’ products at or above the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and in the channels outlined below.

US MSRP and MAP Table 

TorahLine Hebrew/English Exodus from Egypt 860779000331 $19.99 $14.99 

Request Non-USA Marketplace Participation

613 Games is seeking to participate non-US marketplaces and therefore preference will be given to Resellers requesting to sell in non-US online marketplaces such as Amazon Canada.  However, 613 Games retains sole discretion to approve or deny a request to sell in an online marketplace.    

Please indicate the non-US online marketplaces where you would like to request permission to sell along with the following details in the contact us form at the bottom of the page:

  • Online Marketplace Name
  • Web Address
  • Country
  • Product(s)
  • Number of years and annual sales volume on that Marketplace

Request Reseller MAP Exception

Please provide details on the MAP Exception and dates in the contact us form at the bottom of the page:

  • Description, e.g. storewide 20% off sale
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Store Locations (and/or web addresses):