TorahLine Passover Challenge Activity - Free Download

How do you keep the kids learning the Exodus story the entire week of Passover? Easy, bribe them. Traditionally parents give their kids gifts or cash for the Passover holiday. The TorahLine Passover challenge combines learning with a gift-bribe incentive. 

Here’s how it works. The 2nd edition TorahLine game comes with 100 cards from Torah portions Shemot, Va’eira and Bo. Players arrange them in order by guessing the correct chapter and verse. In the Challenge, you shuffle the entire deck of cards and play against yourself. For each card that you get correct, you earn cash at the end of the Passover holiday. Kids can take the challenge as many times as they want during Passover. The payout is based on the highest score during Passover. For example, if you reward your kid with $.50 per correct card and their best score was 80 correctly placed cards, they would earn $40. You can use whatever amount seems right for your kid, e.g.  $0.10 per card, $1 per card. 

Tracker Sheet


    • For younger kids (ages 6 to 8) or kids with less Torah knowledge, start with the 30 easiest cards, e.g. 10 Plagues, Birth of Moshe. Once they’ve mastered the first 30, then add more cards.
    • For older kids (ages 10+), provide a progressive payout bonus that gets more exciting as they get more cards correct. For example, the 91st through 95th card could each pay double, while the 96th through 99th pay triple. All cards correct earns a jackpot payout. 
    • You may want to limit the number of “official” tries per day. Otherwise, some kids will keep trying over and over. This is good practice for them, but you may want to limit the number of official tries to minimize parental oversight.
    • If you are using the Passover Challenge to keep multiple kids entertained before or after the seder, you may want to split the draw pile up into smaller chunks to accommodate more kids, or buy multiple games.

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