SEATTLE, December 7, 2016 – 613 Games recently announced the launch of the TorahLine™ card game series, quick 15-minute games designed to help make learning the Torah more fun. Created to captivate children in an era of increasingly short attention spans, the TorahLine game provides engaging gameplay to help kids absorb stories, facts, and the chronology of the Torah.  The first game in the TorahLine series, Exodus from Egypt – Shemos, Va’eira and Bo, depicts the riveting events from the book of Exodus.

Packed with 90 colorful cards and providing hours of fun for ages six and up, TorahLine Exodus from Egypt covers the events in the first three Torah portions from the enslavement in Egypt to the 10 plagues to the first Passover to the eventual freedom from Egypt.

“As the father of four kids, I was looking for a way to make learning the Torah just as fun as playing a video game or watching a movie,” says Chesley ‘Akiva’ Coughlin, Founder, 613 Games. “To appeal to kids’ short attention spans, I knew I had to create something captivating, quick, and visual to help kids learn the events in the Exodus. We’ve product tested the game with over one hundred kids, and the results have been amazing.”

The front of each card has an event title, a hand-drawn illustration, and verse text. The back includes the Torah portion and chapter and verse numbers. At the start of the game, players are dealt starting events on which to build their line of cards in sequence. Players then take turns drawing cards from the pile and correctly (or incorrectly) placing them in line in order by chapter and verse. After all the cards are gone, the player with the most correct cards in his or her line wins.

“We wanted children involved in creating the game,” said Laura Coughlin, Art Director, 613 Games. “In Seattle, we ran a competition with local schools for illustrations. As a result, more than half the cards are illustrated by Seattle-area kids. Kids find the images captivating and engaging because they were made by other kids.”

Student, Rabbi, and educator reviews of the game have been resoundingly positive. (For more testimonials, please visit here.

“I played TorahLine with our high school students and my own family, as well. Everyone found the game stimulating, fun and a great way to review the Exodus narrative.” Rabbi Shaul Engelsberg, Principal of Derech Emunah said.

The game makes it easy to adjust the difficulty for each player, making it ideal for older children and families. It also comes with a bonus trivia game that can be played in the car or at the dinner table.

The TorahLine card game is available on with free shipping for Prime members at To learn more about the TorahLine card game go to or e-mail Find them on Facebook.

About 613 Games

Based in Seattle, Washington, 613 Games is a gaming company that designs card games that captivate children and families to foster fun learning through interactive game play. The games are designed to make learning fun and effortless. The games have been used to educate children at home and in the classroom, at camps, and after school programs.

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