torahline box

Exodus From Egypt
Shemos, Va’eira, and Bo

  • 15 minutes of playtime for 1 to 4 players
  • 90 event cards with advanced and trivia game rules
  • Learn the order of the events from the Exodus as each player competes to build a line of cards
  • Classroom friendly with downloadable lesson plan
  • Ages 6 and Up
  • Covers Torah Portions: Shemos, Va’eira, and Bo (Exodus Chapters 1 to 13)

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The cards in TorahLine depict events from the book of Exodus. The front of each card has an event title, illustration, and verse text. The back includes the portion name, and chapter and verse numbers. First, players are dealt starting events on which to build their line of cards chronologically.


Players then take turns drawing cards from the pile and correctly placing them in their line in order by chapter and verse. The player ending up with the most cards in their line wins.


The game includes 90 cards along with advanced rules and trivia providing hours of fun learning for ages 6 and up. The Advanced and trivia game rules included. Act now to be part of a new era of learning about the Exodus from Egypt!