“I played TorahLine with our high school students and also with my own family. Everyone found the game stimulating, fun and a great way to review the Exodus narrative.” – Rabbi Shaul Engelsberg, Principal of Derech Emunah 

“It’s easy to place ‘Let my people go’ before the revelation at Sinai, but does cattle plague come before boils? The more we play, the more we know.” – Salvador Litvak, Accidental Talmudist

“I’ve seen the impact in our synagogue. We use it in our youth department programming, kids love it and go nuts over it. For them to show up on a Sunday to play a Torah-based game speaks volumes to how great the game is.” – Ari Hoffman, Seattle NCSY Director

“For anyone who believes the Bible is important, this game is a perfect fit. Fun and entertaining, it will appeal to a wide audience.” – Rabbi Shmuel Chait, Torah Day School Judaic’s Teacher

“It’s fun and educational, but the fun is the majority. It’s the type of game where I’d say, yeah, let’s play this. And my parents would be like, yeah let’s do it, because you’re learning.” – Torah Day School student Gabi Spiro 

“I have learned how the order of the Torah goes…the first time I played the game, I got 8 wrong. Now I’m getting 2 wrong. I’ve learned a lot.” – Torah Day School student Dani Genauer

“If you lose you are not really a loser, because you see where it’s supposed to go and then you know it for next time.” – Torah Day School student Zoe Coughlin

“Kids have fun! And parents will think it’s fun and educational.” – Torah Day School student Jonah Hoffman 

“It was fun… it shows you the order…you learn every time you play.” – Torah Day School student Esti Toban 

“It’s a great way to get children to look at the different verses…and sequence them…The phrases are from the bible so it has pretty universal appeal for everybody.” – Rebbetzin Shaindel Bresler, Derech Emunah Teacher

“I got excited right away… the students created the artwork based on the verses directly taken from the Torah. In the process of creating the art itself, the students had the ability to connect the words from the Torah to create something…” – Rabbi Yona Margolese, Torah Day School Head of School

“TorahLine game is an amazing idea that gives kids the opportunity to learn the chronology of the story of the Exodus.” – Rabbi Shalom Farkash, Director of Chabad of Central Cascades

“This game is a great way to learn and master the critical events and story line of the Torah. It’s fun and engaging and I’d highly recommend it!” – Rabbi David Fredman, M.Ed., M.F.T. Executive Director of Aish Minnesota